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Basic techniques of high-intensity training Drop-sets. Infinite Male Time under load. Training holiday break. In talking about the masses set of training, we often use these terms without further explanation. If the names of some techniques increase the intensity of workouts put you in a dead end, then you have got to address. In this chapter we will talk about the basic techniques of complication training. Methods complexity of the training program Varying tempo. Repetition rate can be represented as a three-digit number. Here are some examples of how you can vary the pace of the exercise: Each digit - the time in seconds. The first number indicates how many seconds you have to raise the operating weight, ie, to overcome the positive concentric phase of the movement. The second digit - the time during which you hold the weight at the top. Infinite Male The last digit - the time in which you return the shell to its original position before the next repetition. This negative or eccentric phase of motion.


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